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Acer EXIF Fixup


This application starts a service that monitors the DCIM/Camera folder and adjusts the broken EXIF datatime for the files captured with default Camera application.

The service starts automatically on boot and will restart when USB Storage mode is disabled.

You can also fix existing files using “Fix existing photos” menu item.

The source code is available on GitHub.

Acer Liquid (and some other vendors') phones have a bug that sets the EXIF date and time to 2002–12–08 12:00:00. It does not look broken initially because the Gallery application sorts the files based on the last modification date. Once the photos are imported into any application that undedrstands EXIF tags, all the files will be grouped into an event that happened at noon on December 8, 2002.

This date is hardcoded into and the latter is closed-source, though I had a peek at the code at one moment.


I decided to scratch my own itch and make a service that will fix the date right after the photo was taken.

The proper fix for this issue is to buy a different phone.

The icon is based on Sunset Waterscene by Chrisdesign (public domain).