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302 Moved Temporarily

So, I have moved to Kiev with my girlfriend, congratulations :)

As a part of accommodation process, I have signed a contract with Volia-Broadband ISP and bought a new router. Having had a lot of interesting moments with Netgear WGR614v6 (if I’m not mistaken) I decided to take Linksys router now, especially when I found out that it runs Linux. So I now have Linksys WRT54GL (L stands for Linux) ready to serve.

The default firmware does not permit any tampering using telnet/ssh, but OpenWRT claims to fully support this device (since WRT614G was the reason the project launched).

So far I am pretty satisfied with the setup via the Web interface, though I must admit I had to refer to the User Manual bundled on CD.

Before I purchased the router my laptop was functioning as the AP. It turned out that Ad-Hoc mode is not well supported by madwifi drivers i use (, grabbed from SVN) resulting in kernel panic after a while.