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Beeline Home Internet to Limit Upload Rate

On 24 of April Beeline Ukraine / Home Internet introduced new rates. This time with strange limit on unlimited plans.

You are limited to 1Mbps upload while download may vary from 1Mbit to 10Mbit. No more 100Mbit plans, you can order a burst up to 100Mbps for 20₴ a day (aka “Turbo”). This is completely different from the previous rates where upload/download shaping was symmetric and there were 25Mbps and 100Mbps plans.

During first month I’ve been testing their PPTP connection in order to find out what can my router do. And I was always puzzled that I get 3Mbit download with 5Mbit upload for lots of directions. Not going to be puzzled anymore :)

It does look like Japanese NTT limiting upload to 30GB per day but in their case there is no mandatory limit. Violators will be contacted personally and the investigation will be on case by case basis. In our case you are limited no matter what you do.

The funniest is that the first thing many of us imagine now is that… Torrent ratings will fall. Not that the upload video to YouTube (the one you’ve made and hold copyrights) will last much longer. It’s all about the Torrents and much of them are illegally downloaded/captured copies of software and audio-visual information. Sad but true.