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Intrepid Ibex

I have spent enough time with Ubuntu 8.10 release to share thoughts about it.

So first of all, “wow”.

I have been using alpha6 version in KVM and later on updated my 8.04 LTS installation to Intrepid Ibex beta, got immediately affected by uvesafb issue (fixed by reverting to vesafb), broken IPP/HTTP printing support and strange Evolution folders upgrade (got duplicate message for each one present on the corporate IMAP server).

Ah, and I finally learned about _FORTIFY_SOURCE.

The only thing I can recall now is that when pulseaudio is running the sound from Adobe Flash objects gets lost (which is not that critical for me), everything else looks too good to be true.

Well, do not mount any drives during livecd session before installation – the installer does not like this and it tries to convince you that your hard drive is missing, simply umount the mounted files.

If you want to get some widescreen usplash then adjust your framebuffer resolution by setting some mode listed in hwinfo --framebuffer output.

If you want to get new Atheros Wi-Fi cards support w/o recompiling the driver manually each time kernel upgrades then follow the instructions from the previous post…

Looks like everything else is great.

Ah, yes, sometimes when you switch from X terminal to vt1-7 then you get switched back to X terminal immediately.

Ubuntu gets better and better, makes people lazier and lazier :)