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MOTOMING Camera: More V4L Bytes

According to the tests, the CIF cannot convert the data that comes from camera module contrary to what pxa_camera.h is telling us and CIF works with RAW data only. But camera produces images in different colorspaces. Having read some Intel PXA27x white papers I acquired the power to capture the real images…


The sensor settings are incorrect and the colorspace conversion from YCbCr 4:2:2 to RGB888 does not use the second Y value, but I think this is a nice start :).

Update: There seems to be yet another application for the camera called camcap but I am not sure that the sources are available. I have also found code for video capture and it appears to produce results, but I was not able to decode the results to a viewable movie. I do not like the EZX-based approach because while it provides greater integration with the phone functions, the code will not be used in openmoko running on a1200 :). And I really hope to get it running on my phone and running fully featured… :)