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Ogg Vorbis on MING

So it turned to be just a matter of time. Ogg Vorbis support is possible in Motorola’s a1200. I was able to play test files. Now I’ve got another problem. While playing ogg vorbis, CPU frequency increases 3 times the original and vorbis decoding takes all the CPU. The sound becomes distorted as if buffer underruns occur. MP3 decoding (programmed by RealOne) makes CPU frequency increase up to 2 times. So it looks like default Ogg Vorbis decoder is not well suited for embedded systems therefore some alternative approach is needed. I guess it is time to take a look on Tremor, integer only decoder designed especially for such kind of devices.

Update: I found a thread that perfectly matches our requirements: [Xiph-dev] CR-Client: add Tremor support to vorbisrend. Unfortunately it is not known what revision “SVN HEAD of Tremor” was used and the current HEAD API is not that compatible.

P.S. It is possible that such resource consumption forced Motorola’s engineers to omit Ogg Vorbis support from their package.