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OpenWRT PPTP Client – Part 3

Here are the first and the second parts.

Update: Since I promised the build instructions in Part 2, here they are – AccelPPTP On OpenWRT. Not in opkg form but works for me.

First of all, there’s a typo in script living in /lib/network/, this is why it is not possible to use pptp configured from luci web interface. I have updated the OpenWRT FAQ with the findings and created a ticket containing the patch.

Ok, rebuilt the pptp module, patched the startup scripts not to use pptpclient and now wan is started in a proper way, i.e. dhcp on eth0.1, then udhcpc quits leaving the routes and DNS configured and pppd is started afterwards.

Here’s the problem with this setup. It is perfect if you are not going to use the intranet resources. Beeline Internet has one “official” resource which is @ It is not possible to access the configuration of the underlying eth0.1 device both for routing and firewalling (via uci, of course. It can be done manually without any problems :).

So it means that I am returning back to first configuring wan interface and then pptp over that. The problem is that i cannot instruct udhcpc NOT to add a default route if there is one configured by configuration, I have to patch, patch and patch the scripts :)

Update: You may want to drop the default pptp support in OpenWRT and rely on interface “triggering” mentioned here.