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Sad Acer A1 status update

This January after 3 years of horrible performance of buggy hardware and software my Acer Liquid E USB port has partially detached from its motherboard which prevented the device from being charged and accessed over USB.

Replacing the motherboard makes no sense since it's equivalent to buying another horrible broken Acer Liquid E device. Replacing 10 pin MiniUSB requires both compatible part CN 10PIN 215+916+2450 ACT and precision tools I don't have.

This brings the end to my attempts of fixing the thing that was not supposed to be broken from the start.

Acer Liquid E idle at 39.2 ℃

I've learned a lot about Android internals and kernel development. It inspired me to dig deeper and even join Samsung R&D Ukraine briefly to study embedded development, which made me realize that supporting a device without manufacturer assistance is an unthankful job.

The devices get released at an increased rate and deprecation of components brings the cost of support for existing devices prohibitively high. That means there are two purchasing options now - either an undertested or obsolete device.

Sad but true.