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Tooltips theming and padding – GTK 2.12

Hello, I’ve been using Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) for quite a long time and I was pleased with the quality of the artwork of the gtk2 themes. The only thing that was out of place was the missing padding (i.e. the theme was not applied to them) of the tooltips:


Fortunately, some google keyword combination in search has finally brought me to the launchpad bug report #129699. The hint for the gtk tooltips has changed from gtk-tooltips to gtk-tooltip thus making themes that were not tested using the latest gtk loose the theme settings for tooltips. By changing the hint in the gtkrc file the padding was restored (Murrine Y snippet from gtkrc):

widget_class "*.tooltips.*.GtkToggleButton" style "theme-tasklist"
widget "gtk-tooltip"                        style "theme-tooltips"

And I am happy again: