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Fixing Tizen SDK IDE Crash on Project Creation

So recently I installed Tizen SDK on my Ubuntu 13.04 and found that I can't create a project - the java process crashes in some native library and it was not obvious where.

After some extensive googling I found a report about this particular problem - TIZEN 2.0 MAGNOLIA SDK Crashes while creating a new project where daviderosa found the reason: Google Talk Plugin.

Uninstalling the plugin allowed me to continue creating the project.

Unfortunately the mozilla process launched by eclipse tries to load all the plugins possible automatically, and there is no switch to disable that. The best solution would be to specify Mozilla profile in your eclipse.ini, but Tizen SDK 2.1 is based on a SWT version which does not yet have this feature.

Uninstalling google-talkplugin completely or moving the installed plugin links (/usr/lib/firefox/plugins and /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins) and putting them back when needed seem to be the solutions for now.